The trees in your landscaping can sometimes be problems that require maintenance, special care and removal to deal with problems. If you are an active homeowner, there may be some of the improvements that you will want to deal with yourself. The following tips will help active homeowners deal with some of the problems with trees that require care or removal: 

Deal with Disease, Insects and Minor Tree Problems

There are a lot of diseases, insects, and minor tree problems that you will need to deal with on your own. First, you will want to make sure that your trees get the regular care they need with watering and nutrients. When pruning, watering, and doing other routine maintenance, inspect the trees for problems like insects and disease so that you can treat the problems in time to save the tree. Treat insects and remove the affected growth of trees to control the problem.  

Know About Removing Smaller Trees

Some trees may be small enough for you to handle on your own, such as smaller fruit trees and saplings or younger hardwood trees. Make sure that you have enough space to fell the tree, and begin by topping it if it's too tall or broad to fell. If you do not have the appropriate equipment to fell the tree on your own, it is usually better to hire a professional service for help with the tree removal project and consider doing other tasks like dealing with waste and stump removal on your own.  

Deal with Tree Waste Materials and Get Rid of Them

When you have to do major tree maintenance like trimming, topping, or tree removal, you'll be left with a lot of waste. It can cost extra to have the waste hauled away, which is why you may want to deal with these problems on your own. One of the options that you may want to consider is repurposing the waste as firewood, timber materials, and milling it into lumber. The other option to deal with the waste is to burn the larger materials and use the smaller waste as compost.  

Deal with Stumps and Root Balls

The root balls are another problem that you will need to deal with if you have to have trees in your landscaping removed. The smaller root balls are often easy to dig up, which means the taproot that is below them can sometimes be left and just cut to remove the stump and root ball. If you have larger trees that have stumps and root balls that need to be removed, you may want to consider renting equipment to remove them or having a stump removal service grind the stump up to restore the soil of your landscaping.  

These are some tips to help the active homeowner deal with their minor tree problems care and removal of smaller trees. If you have trees with bigger problems are not confident in doing the maintenance yourself, contact a tree service like Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service for help with tree removal and other needs.