The overgrowth around your property could be a serious problem. Therefore, you may want to have the brush cut. This cutting and cleaning can be done to make room for landscaping or to help protect your property from wildfires. After the brush cutting, there is going to be some debris that you need to deal with.

The larger tree stumps and roots can still be a fuel source when they are left behind. Therefore, you may want to grind the stumps and roots to complete the job and turn the debris into nutrient-rich soil. The following tree stump grinding guide will help you deal with the debris after cutting the brush:

Cut Stumps Low

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the stumps are cut low enough for grinding equipment. Use a chain saw to cut any stumps that are sticking up to high to be run over with the grinding equipment. When you are using a rotary cutter to clear the smaller brush, run over saplings repeatedly to try to cut them lower.

Remove Any Viny Debris

There is also viny debris that can be a problem with the equipment used to grind the stumps. Try to remove or cut up any large viny debris that can get in the way when doing the stump grinding work. If the brush you have cut was full of viny debris, you could try burning it if you do it during the wet season, before dry weather gets here. Check with your local forestry authority to find out if you can burn the brush on your property to get rid of the viny debris.

Try Removing Smaller Stumps and Roots

There may be some stumps and roots that you can remove manually before grinding. Try removing the stumps by pulling them up if they are small, and you are working in a smaller area. To prepare a larger area and a lot of stumps, try using a tractor loader bucket or other equipment that you have available to pull the stumps out.

Decide How Big of An Area and Stumps to Grind

When you are stump grinding a larger area, you may not want to grind everything. Therefore, you are going to want to mark the largest stumps where you want to have the stump grinding work done. Also, mark off the area where you want to have the grinding done.

Cutting the brush down that clutters the forest floor is only part of the process of cleaning up your land. If you have cut down a lot of brush and trees, contact a stump grinding service for help getting rid of the stumps where needed.