Trees breathe life into your surroundings and brighten your home. But with this beauty comes a huge maintenance demand to protect them and your well-being. You need to care for them through pruning, applying pesticides, and inspecting them regularly to ensure they maintain their sturdy structure without interfering with your safety.  

Trees might threaten your life if they are infected, decaying, or their roots extend into unwanted territory. Such reasons necessitate emergency tree removals to protect your home and keep you safe. Check out these situations when you should call emergency tree removal services. 

1. A Leaning Tree

Consult with the tree experts when a tree leans dangerously near a structure or bends unnaturally. Trees with a significant bend require immediate removal. The tree's weight causes more damage if the lean is due to natural hazards like cyclones or typhoons, as it can destroy property or life within your home. Call tree removal services promptly, especially if fresh and dead leaves are on either side of the wounded trunk. 

Trees leaning on cable or power lines are also a risk to human safety. Consult a tree removal expert to determine if they can prune the branches or remove the tree to avoid hazards like fires.

2. A Tree That Threatens Your or Your Neighbor's Home Structure

You cannot tame the root system of a tree. Once it starts creeping into your home or your neighbor's home, remove the tree for your safety. This comprehensive root system will carve in your home's foundation, disrupting its strength and compactness and causing severe damage. 

If dangerous branches are hanging over your home, consider removing them before they damage your home during harsh weather conditions. 

3. A Diseased Tree

A tree infested with pests or diseases doesn't have the proper structural strength to stand on its own. You can identify a diseased tree by looking at its tree bark, leaves, branches, and trunk. For example, a hollow trunk or pit caused by fungi, pests, or viruses shows that the tree can easily get swayed and break in heavy winds or rains. 

Dead or falling branches, yellow leaves, or bark with holes signify a weakened tree due to diseases. If unsure of the visible signs, consult an arborist before calling in tree removal experts. They'll inform you how to salvage the tree and avoid infections to other trees or if you need to remove it. Extreme damage requires immediate tree removal to protect your home and other trees. 

Despite your love for trees and their impact on your home, be sure to look into these three warning signs to protect your home and keep you safe. 

Contact a local tree removal service to learn more.