Trimming the trees in your yard benefits more than just the tree. Well-trimmed trees lead to healthier landscaping overall, which means fuller flower gardens and greener lawns. 

1. Increase Sun Exposure

A dense canopy of tree branches prevents the sun from penetrating through to ground level. Too much shade can lead to a sparse lawn and limit your options for flower and vegetable gardens. The excess shade even harms the tree, since sunlight won't penetrate into the dense crown so the interior may fail to leaf out. Your tree service will thin out the excess branches, which will allow more sunlight through.

2. Minimize Fungal Issues

Fungus thrives in areas where there is stagnant, moist air. Much like blocking the sunlight, a dense tree crown also reduces air circulation beneath its canopy. The lack of air means humidity can hang in the air and the foliage of both the tree and any plants below won't dry properly after irrigation. These are conditions ripe for powdery mildews and various fungal diseases. Again, trimming and thinning the crown solves the problem.

3. Reduce Leaf Litter

Trees can drop a copious amount of leaves and twigs. In small amounts, these provide a healthy mulch for garden beds and can easily be raked off of lawns. Heavy leaf drop, though, may smother your landscaping plants and lawn, leading to dead spots once you are able to rake them away. Another concern is larger dead or weak branches, as these can destroy garden plants if they break off and land below. Thinning combined with the removal of dead wood and weak branches is a solution that leads to healthier trees and healthy landscaping. 

4. Prevent Animal Pests

Trees that produce fruits can create a mess when they begin to drop, staining sidewalks and patios. To make matters worse, these fruits can attract a large range of animal pests, from tiny ants to rodents, raccoons, and larger animals. These pests may feed on more than the fallen fruit, they may also destroy your landscaping if they begin to feed on the garden plants. Large animals like deer will soon turn from the fruits to nibbling off flower stalks or tearing bark off shrubs and trees, for example. Trimming the tree after flowering will reduce fruiting so it will be much easier to manage the mess and prevent pests. 

Contact a tree service company like Smitty's Tree Service Inc if your landscape trees could use some attention.