Trees aren't usually trimmed routinely in the winter, but sometimes it's necessary to trim them for safety and tree health reasons. Snow and ice are heavy when they accumulate on limbs and branches. This leads to snapping and tree damage that should be taken care of as soon as the weather permits. Here are times you may need to have your trees trimmed during the winter months.

When A Limb Or Branch Is Weak Or Hazardous

If your area commonly sees winter storms with strong winds, ice, and snow, then you want weak and hazardous tree limbs removed before winter sets in or before a winter storm hits. Check your trees before winter starts and have weak branches and limbs trimmed away. If one of your trees starts to look sick or hazardous as winter progresses, you may want to call a tree trimming service to take a look when a strong storm is predicted for your area. If the tree might fall on your house or car, it's better to be safe and have work done on the tree to keep limbs and branches from falling off when possible.

When Winter Weather Snaps A Big Branch Or Limb

If the weight of snow is too much for a big branch or limb, the tree might crack and split. A damaged tree should be fixed as soon as possible by trimming away the dead portions of the tree and trimming the bark so insects can't invade. Insects may not be much of a problem in subzero weather, so you may have time to wait for the tree work to be done, but you might want a tree service to check the tree and assess its condition so you don't end up losing your tree.

Just be careful about trying to remove snow and ice from the tree by yourself since this could result in more damage to the branches. It's best to let snow and ice melt naturally and then deal with the damage. However, a limb that looks like it could fall at any time should be addressed by a tree trimming service so your property isn't in danger.

Cold temperatures don't usually harm trees that are growing in the appropriate climate zone as long as the temperatures aren't unusually cold. It's the weight of the snow combined with strong winds that can do quite a bit of tree damage in the winter. While you might not want routine trimming and pruning done in the winter, it's possible you'll need to call a tree trimming service after a bad winter storm to help with tree damage.

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