Trees around your home can be vulnerable to many different types of insects that infest and cause damage. Therefore, you will need to identify and treat problems with insects before these problems get out of control. The following insect damage and treatments for tree infestations will help reduce these problems and save your trees:

Termites That Kill Trees and Get Close to Your Home

Termites are the most common insects that attack trees, and they can also eat away at the wood in your home. Therefore, you want to make sure to treat any problems with termites that have begun to infest trees on your property. Treat the termite problems before they get close to your home and cause damage. You will also want to inspect the wood framing around your home and treat for termites to ensure they do not move to the wood in your home after the tree problems have been solved.

Problems With Ant Species That Attack and Kill Trees

The fire ants that infest your yard and sting when they bite are not the only ant problem you may have on your property. There could also be a problem with other ant species that nest in trees and kill healthy growth when infestations get out of control. Therefore, you may need help dealing with some ant species like the carpenter ant that may be killing the trees in your landscaping.

Beetle Species That Can Kill Healthy Stands of Trees

There are also several beetle species that can attack and kill off trees. There are native beetle species like the pine beetle, which can kill off entire stands of pine trees with the right weather conditions. These problems need to be treated by removing dead trees and treating new infestations before they get out of control. In addition, there are also invasive beetle species like ash borers that can quickly get out of control and kill healthy ash trees.

Moth and Fly Species That Attack and Kill Healthy Trees

There are also many types of moth and fly species that can attack healthy trees. These insects eat healthy growth and lay larvae in the trees, which is where an infestation starts. The larvae will grow into adult insects as they take nutrients from the trees. This eventually causes the areas where there is an infestation to die and, eventually, will kill the tree. After the insects have taken all the nutrients, they will move on to the next host tree. These are natural domestic problems that can be treated with pest control and natural predators.

The insects that cause damage to trees can quickly become infestations that kill trees and plants in your landscaping. Therefore, you want to hire a tree insect control service to treat problems before they become serious problems with infestations.