Trees and fencing are both important elements of a backyard, but the two don't always mix very well. Trees can become a threat to your fence, and when this occurs, you are usually better off removing the tree than the fence. So what are some of the main signs a tree is becoming a threat to your fence? Take a look.

The tree has a major branch leaning on the fence

If there are a few smaller branches sweeping against the fence, that's one thing. Those branches should be trimmed away, but there's really no need to completely remove the tree. However, if a major limb of the tree is resting on the fence, you should generally just have the tree removed. It will have a hard time staying healthy after having a large limb removed, and another limb might start growing into the fence soon anyway.

The tree trunk is growing into and lifting the fence

If the tree is so close to the fence that the trunk has begun to grow into the fence or push the fence away, then the tree needs to be removed. The trunk will only grow wider and cause more fence damage as the tree gets older, and the bigger it gets, the harder it will be to remove.

The tree is infested with termites

If a tree becomes infested with termites, then it's only a matter of time before those termites start chewing apart the fence, too. Sign of termites in a tree include:

  • Strands of mud running across the tree's trunk and lower branches
  • Piles of paper-like wings at the base of the tree
  • Bunches of round, white eggs around the base of the tree

Not only should you have the tree removed, but you should also have a pest control team out to bait the termites and get their numbers under control before they eat your fence.

The tree has brackets growing out of it or cankers in its trunk

Brackets are fungal growths, and they look a lot like long, flat mushrooms. If they start growing out of a tree, then that tree has a serious fungal infection and won't be around much longer. The tree's wood will start to become soft and weak, which means the branches (or even the whole tree) are likely to fall and damage the fence. Have the tree removed before this has a chance to happen.

Trees and fences do not always mix, and when there's a conflict, the tree typically has to be the one to go.

For more information, contact a local tree removal service.