If you have a peach tree and it is not producing peaches for you this can be due to many causes. Below are three errors to address so you can start getting delicious peaches again.

Using Too Much Fertilizer

One common reason for a peach tree to not produce fruit is that there are too many nutrients. One type of fertilizer that can cause this is one that has high nitrogen levels. This fertilizer will help the tree produce healthy leaves but no fruit. You may be fertilizing your lawn with this type of fertilizer. If so, the fertilizer can get on your fruit trees.

In many cases, a peach tree does not need any fertilizer to produce fruit. If you stop fertilizing your lawn, however, and still have this problem your tree may need some fertilizer. Purchase a phosphorous fertilizer for the peach tree. You can purchase this type at a garden center. It will come with instructions on how to use mix it and apply it to your tree.

Pruning in the Wrong Way

You may be pruning your peach tree in the wrong way. For example, when pruning you need to remove the entire branch. In many cases, people will remove only part of the branch which will help the branch grow and produced leaves but will not produce fruit. This type of pruning is known as heading back. Hire a tree service company to trim and prune your peach tree for you. They will know the proper way to do this. The pruning company will also ensure the tree crown is thin enough for sunlight to get through.

Wrong Temperature

Fruit trees need to have a variety of temperature ranges. For example, the trees need a temperature that is under approximately 50 degrees for a certain amount of time. This will make the tree dormant which allows it to gain strength and have inner growth. This growth is important as this is what helps the tree produce peaches. 

Once the peaches bloom, the weather must be warm to help the tree produce peaches. If you have a year where your weather is cold for too long or never gets cold enough you will have a problem with fruit this year. Wait until next year to see if the temperatures are back to normal.

Hire local tree services to help you. They will come to your home and check your peach tree for you.