If you have a tree in your yard that you would like removed, you should seek tree removal services instead of doing it yourself. The tree service experts will do it safely and professionally, preventing accidents. However, it is not always that they remove a dead or infected tree. Sometimes, they undertake stump grinding if the circumstances don't favor removal. Therefore, an arborist will need to check the site first and decide whether to remove or grind the stump. 

So, what is stump grinding, and how is it better than tree removal? These are just a couple of the many questions you might have about the process. The following information will shed more light. 

1. What Does Stump Grinding Mean?

This process turns a tree stump into mulch using a special tool called a stump grinder. The machines used vary in size, and some use diesel, while others run on gas. The mulch produced can fill the gap left or sprinkled around the landscape to add nutrients. The property owner can use that spot for other things, such as growing flowers.

2. How Does It Differ From Stump Removal?

Stump removal is the process where the entire stump is plucked off the ground, including the roots. It is ideal for those looking to do some building, as it churns most of the soil in your yard. 

Stump grinding is not so messy because the process does not touch the roots. What it does is trim the remaining tree stump only. Though the process leaves a hole, it is nothing significant compared to that of stump removal. The depth depends on how deeply rooted the tree was.

3. What Does the Process Involve?

As earlier mentioned, an arborist must first inspect the area. One of the things they will need to identify is if the area is safe for work. They will need to confirm if the stump grinder has solid footing while ensuring no pending hazards in the area. If there are any twigs, rocks, or debris present, they must be eliminated in advance. 

Once everything is in line, they will use a chain saw to cut the stump further before using the grinder to finish the process. 

4. What Is the Need for Stump Grinding?

One of the main reasons is to prevent the tree from growing back and improve your yard's appearance. You can use the free space for relaxing or do some landscaping. Once the professionals grind the stump, you create a safe yard for kids to play in. Lastly, this process frees your yard from pests and mold that can easily spread from the dead tree to your house.

If you have a stump in your yard and wondering how to eliminate it, call a professional tree remover to take care of it. For more information, contact a local grinding service.