The trees that are growing on your property can be among the most noticeable plants on your property. Despite the fact that these plants can be among the hardiest on your property, they can still encounter problems if they are not be effectively maintained by the property owner.

Assumption: Branch Trimming Is The Only Tree Care Service You Will Need To Use

Branch trimming services are among the most commonly needed work that clients will request from tree service providers. However, you should be aware that this is not the only way that these services can help your trees stay healthy and vibrant. Another service that these professionals will offer for their clients is stabilizing trees that are developing a lean. Additionally, these services can help to treat the health problems that your trees may develop over time or eliminate pests that may be specifically targeting the trees.

Assumption: Disease Will Only Impact Individual Branches

When a tree starts to become diseased, it will often manifest as problems in the branches of the tree. However, you need to avoid assuming that these problems will remain isolated to the branch. It is possible for these health problems to eventually spread throughout the entire tree. In some cases, this disease may even be able to spread to neighboring trees. Due to these potential risks, any diseased branches or sections of the trunk should be inspected by a tree service provider to determine whether corrective actions are needed to preserve the health of the plant. In some cases, this may mean completely removing the branch from the tree, but some types of disease may be able to be treated locally.

Assumption: It Is Not Necessary To Water The Trees On Your Property

During times when there is little rainfall, the health of all of the plants on your property can deteriorate. To prevent this, it is necessary to actively irrigate the landscaping, and this will include the trees on the property. When watering the trees, it is necessary to water them for far longer than other small plants. In addition to being large enough to require far more water, the roots of these plants will typically be much deeper. Failing to adequately water the soil around the tree can lead to the plant not getting enough water as well as the roots starting to grow towards the surface. This can result in the tree eventually experiencing stability problems.

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