Although disease and death are good reasons to remove a tree, sometimes there may be benefits for the removal of a tree that isn't suffering any immediate problems. The following are a few reasons why you may want to remove a tree on your property.

1. Less Seasonal Mess

Some trees are simply messy. They may drop fruits in spring, constantly shed twigs, or produce copious amounts of fall leaves. If the tree litter is overly time consuming and hard to keep up with, it may improve the health and the appearance of the landscape to have the messy tree removed. If you would still like a tree in your yard, you can replace it with one that produces less of a mess.

2. Fewer Storm Worries

It can be worrisome to have a tree so close to the house that you are worried that it may blow down or drop a large branch on your property when a storm is raging. Removal means no more worrying about house damage from the tree. Trees with lots of dead limbs or of varieties prone to storm breakage are the greatest concern, but any tree that grows close enough to touch the house in high winds is a candidate for removal. 

3. Increased Sun Exposure

A tree planted in the wrong part of your yard can provide shade in all the wrong places. If a large tree shades out your flowers or vegetable garden, for example, you may want to remove it to provide more light. A tree that shades the house in winter can lead to increased heating bills, while removing it allows in the warmth of natural light so that you may be able to run the heat less frequently.

4. Prevent Damages

Sometimes damages aren't immediately visible. A tree growing too close to your home's foundation can cause damage, for example. Trees positioned too closely to roads, sidewalks, or sewer lines can also lead to damages from encroaching roots. Removal of the problem tree can prevent damages and save you thousands on repairs in subsequent years.

5. Regain the View

Over the years the trees in your yard will grow and block out the view, which can be a real bummer if you bought your house because it had a great view. Removing a few trees can re-open up the view so you can enjoy looking out your windows again.

Contact a tree removal service if you have further questions about a tree on your property.