If there is a tree right outside your window, just feet from your home, your first thought might be "that's pretty!" Indeed, a tree near your home may add some beauty to your property. But sadly, trees that are too close to your home tend to cause more problems than they solve. As extreme as it may sound, the best approach is often to have such trees removed. Here are some good reasons to consider this approach.

The trees can encroach on the foundation.

Your home's foundation is the structure upon which it is built. The foundation needs to be strong in order to support your home as a whole. Tree roots love to grow into foundations. They may then cause the foundation to crack and shift. This can cause issues throughout the home, from water damage to shifting door frames. It's often best to have the tree removed before these issues start creeping up. Having a tree removed is so much easier and less expensive than having to repair a foundation that has been disrupted by tree roots.

The tree's roots can grow into sewer pipes.

Unless you have a septic system, your home has a large sewer main leading from your plumbing to the public sewer system. Tree roots tend to seek out these sewer pipes. If there is even the tiniest crack in the sewer pipes — and many sewer pipes do develop tiny cracks as they age — tree roots will find them. Once tree roots invade a sewer pipe, they can proliferate and start blocking that sewer pipe. You can have the pipe hydro-jetted to remove the roots, but they'll eventually grow back unless you have the tree removed. You may therefore be better off just removing the tree preemptively before you experience a sewer line blockage.

The tree may shade your roof.

Shade and roofs do not mix. The shade from a tree will cause a roof to stay moist for much longer after a storm. This can lead to rot, insect damage, and premature roof deterioration. Replacing a roof is not cheap. Removing the tree that's casting the shade will protect your current roof and all future roofs.

If there is a tree really close to your home, have a tree removal company come take a look. They'll let you know whether the tree is really a threat and if removal is a wise choice in your case. For more information, turn to a company such as Tree Solutions Florida.