The presence of a tree in any landscape is incredible, especially if it serves the intended purpose. However, if the tree poses enough risk to outweigh the benefits it offers, you will need to remove it. More importantly, you should let a tree removal expert handle the process to avoid damaging your property. Note that they will assess the tree and employ the necessary equipment and safety measures for a safe and quick exercise. The following are tips to keep in mind before removing trees from your property.

Local Council Regulations

After a tree's assessment, the arborist may recommend removing it. However, it is vital to acquire a permit before tree removal commences. This is due to the restrictions local councils impose on tree removal to help maintain a healthy number of trees in the community. In addition, the authorities may require certification of the arborist to ensure they will undertake the exercise cautiously. The good news is an arborist can liaise with the local council in acquiring a permit to help you avoid hefty fines.

Environmental Impact

Trees have numerous benefits to people and the surrounding environment. This includes providing shade, promoting soil fertility, and preventing soil erosion. As such, cutting the tree can adversely affect biodiversity and deteriorate outdoor air quality. Thus, you should only remove one after a thorough assessment and conclusion that the tree is not salvageable.  


Tree removal is a huge undertaking, especially if the tree is big. Note that the process includes the risk of injury if weak limbs fall over a person when felling the tree. Moreover, if a tree leans towards power lines, it can easily cause electrocution if it topples and interferes with the cables. Therefore, you must hire a tree removal service for the task to avoid costly injuries. They will examine the tree and identify the dead and loosely attached branches. Subsequently, they will employ the necessary personal protective equipment to minimize the risk of injury when cutting the tree. Furthermore, they will use the right cutting machinery and rigging material to lower the branches safely. 

Waste Disposal

After cutting down the tree, plant matter and debris will remain in the felling zone. As such, it is best to enquire about the price of tree removal, which encompasses waste disposal. This means the tree removal company will help you dispose of the tree waste in an environmentally friendly manner. For instance, they can collect the wood chips and mulch other plants in your yard.

Tree removal is a time-consuming and huge undertaking. Thus, you should contact a company such as Mikes Tree Service & Landscaping to remove the trees in your yard safely and quickly.