If you have a tree in your yard that's grown so large it takes up too much space or makes too much shade, you may want to have it cut down. A tree that big could be growing into power lines or toward your house and be a nuisance. 

You might need permission from your city to cut down a healthy tree, and you might need to plant a young tree in its place, but you'll be glad to reclaim the space in your yard. Here are things to ask the tree removal company when you call for an appointment.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

The tree removal company may not give you a quote over the phone without seeing the tree, but they might give a general estimate. If you know the tree species and diameter, let the company know, and that might be enough information for an estimate. However, if the tree is in a tight spot, the removal might cost more. You'll get a quote before work begins so you'll know upfront what you have to pay.

Will Heavy Equipment Tear Up The Yard?

The tree removal company may bring a mulcher truck, bucket truck, and dump truck, but the trucks will probably park on the street. They might use a skid steer to help remove tree parts, so you'll want to talk to the tree removal company when they come to your home about whether they'll use a skid steer and if it can maneuver in your yard without tearing out flowers and plants.

Will They Remove The Stump?

Some tree care companies do stump removal while others don't. Stump removal usually isn't added to the cost of tree removal. It's a separate service since not everyone wants it. If the tree company doesn't grind stumps, you can call a stump grinding company to do the work after the tree removal company has finished their part of the job and left your property.

How Will The Stump Be Removed?

Tree stumps are usually removed by grinding the stump away with a saw. This is less disruptive to your property and there will be no big stump to get rid of. This type of stump removal can take a few hours to grind the stump away down below the soil. Once they're finished, you may have a depression in the yard to fill in, but all traces of the stump will be gone.

What Happens To The Tree?

If the tree happens to have valuable wood, the trunk may be kept whole and sold. However, it's more common for tree removal companies to cut the trunk up before taking it away. Branches are often turned into mulch at your house. The trunk might be split for firewood. If possible, the tree may be recycled, but if not, the tree is disposed of according to local codes which could be taking the tree parts to the landfill or a yard waste site.

Contact a local tree removal company to learn more.